2011 Press Coverage

    At Annual Meeting, Graduate-School Administrators Focus on Changing Demographics and Tight Budgets

    The Chronicle of Higher Education, 12/8/11

    The CGS Annual Meeting coverage by the Chronicle featured an article focused on the conference and strategies deans are using to make the case for graduate education. CGS President, Debra Stewart, was quoted, as were Phil Cohen, vice provost for academic affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington, and Maureen Grasso, graduate dean at the University of Georgia.


    Trapped by $50,000 Degree in Low-Paying Job Is Increasing Lament

    Bloomberg, 12/7/11

    An article in Bloomberg noted the difficulties faced by some graduates in this economy, quoting Debra Stewart and citing data from the CGS report Graduate Enrollment and Degrees 2000 to 2010.


    Where Science, Business Collide

    Connections Newspapers, 11/16/11

    Piece highlights the benefits of the Professional Science Master's Degree and mentions some D.C. area institutions offering the degree. The article quotes CGS President Debra Stewart and Carol Lynch, Senior Scholar in Residence and Co-Director, Professional Science Master's Initiatives.


    Data Sources: Graduate Students with Disabilities

    Data Sources: Trends in First-time Graduate Enrollment in Education Programs

    The Washington Examiner, 11/16/11

    Two Communicator articles by Nathan Bell, Director of Research and Policy Analysis were reprinted by the Washington Examiner. The first article analyzes data on the number of students with disabilities enrolled in graduate school and the second article highlights the decline in first-time enrollment of graduate students in the broad field of education.


    Is School the Right Thought?

    The Washington Post's Express, 11/14/11

    The Getting Ahead section featured an article on the benefits of a master's degree, quoting CGS President Debra Stewart.


    First Time Foreign Students in U.S. Increased by 8%

    New York Times, 11/14/11


    U.S. Sees Large Increase in Foreign Graduate Students

    U.S. News & World Report University Directory, 11/13/11


    U.S. Graduate Schools See Significant Increase in Foreign Enrollments

    The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/8/11


    New Foreign Grad Enrollment Up 8%

    Inside Higher Ed, 11/8/11

    The release of CGS’s International Admissions Survey Phase III enrollment data for international graduate students was covered by the New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, the Chronicle, and Inside Higher Ed.  International first-time enrollments surged 8% since fall 2010.


    More Universities Break the Taboo and Talk to Ph.D.'s About Jobs Outside Academe

    The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/6/11

    An article in the Chronicle highlighted a recent seminar on nonacademic careers held at The Ohio State University; the CGS-ETS Commission on Pathways through Graduate School and into Careers was mentioned.


    Young women making strides in STEM fields

    The Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/3/11

    A story on the rise of women in STEM fields cited CGS data.


    Graduate School and Continuing Education

    The Washington Examiner, 11/8/11

    The second Graduate and Continuing Education section published by The Washington Examiner includes an article on the CGS-ETS Pathways through Graduate School and into Careers initiative by Patty McAllister, CGS VP for Government Relations & External Affairs, as well as another article focused on university rankings which cites CGS Enrollment & Degrees data (see pages 2 and 3).


    What International Applicants Should Know About U.S. Engineering Programs

    U.S. News and World Report, 10/14/11

    CGS International Admissions Survey Phase I data is cited in a U.S. News & World Report article offering advice to prospective international students interested in studying engineering at U.S. institutions.


    Graduate Enrollment Declines in Part Because of Caution about the Economy

    The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/07/11

    In an article on individual institutions’ perspectives on the decline in first-time enrollment shown by the CGS Enrollment & Degrees survey, The Chronicle quotes several graduate deans.


    Are African Americans Surging in Computer Science

    MySciNet, 10/07/11

    An article posted at MySciNet, part of Science Magazine, focuses on the increase in enrollment in science graduate programs and quotes Nathan Bell, CGS Director of Research and Policy Analysis.


    Council to Examine Completion Rates of Minority Ph.D. Students in Science

    The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/5/11

    The new CGS NSF grant to study completion rates and attrition among underrepresented minority students enrolled in STEM Ph.D. programs was noted in The Chronicle of Higher Education.


    How to Help Graduates Move into Careers

    Science Careers Blog, 9/28/11

    The Science Careers blog reports on the CGS Fifth Annual Strategic Leaders Global Summit, which was co-sponsored by The University of Hong Kong. Summit participants agreed to a set of “Principles and Practices for Building Pathways from Graduate Schools to Careers.”


    Updated Guide for Establishing Professional Science Master’s Programs Now Available

    Science Careers Blog, 9/26/11

    The newly released handbook for establishing Professional Science Master’s Degree programs was highlighted on the Science Careers blog.


    New Enrollment Dips a Bit at U.S. Graduate Schools

    The New York Times

    New Graduate Enrollments Drop

    Inside Higher Ed

    New Graduate-Student Enrollment Dips for First Time in 7 Years

    The Chronicle of Higher Education

    Grad Schools Lose Lure in These Hard Times


    Number of new graduate students down for first time since 2003



    The release of the CGS Graduate Enrollment and Degrees: 2000-2010 (E&D) report has received press coverage from several outlets. The New York Times quoted Debra Stewart, President of CGS, and CGS Board Chair Patrick Osmer, Dean of the Graduate School at The Ohio State University. Other coverage of E&D included: Inside Higher Ed, The Chronicle of Higher Education, USAToday, and Reuters.


    New U.S. Panel Examines Career Paths After Grad School

    Science Magazine

    New Group Will Examine Ways to Help Graduate Students Move Into Careers

    Chronicle of Higher Education


    Press coverage of the new CGS-ETS Pathways Commission’s launch has included an article in Science, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, both of which quote Pat Osmer, chair of the Commission.


    Guide to Business and Graduate Education

    The Washington Post, 9/7/11

    The Post’s Guide to Business and Graduate Education included a Q&A session with CGS President, Debra Stewart, as well as an article on graduate enrollment which quotes Nathan Bell, CGS Director of Research and Policy Analysis and cites CGS data.


    Degree Brings Prospects

    Nature, 9/1/11

    Professional Science Masters Grads Getting Good Jobs in Bad Economy

    Science Careers, 8/31/11

    Nature and Science Careers blog both reported on the release of the PSM Outcomes Survey. The survey documents hiring outcomes for 2010-11 PSM graduates and perceived satisfaction with the PSM degree.


    Acceptances Up for Foreign Applicants

    Inside Higher Ed

    Admissions Offers to Foreign Students at U.S. Graduate Schools Climb at Faster Pace

    The Chronicle of Higher Education

    Chinese Students Flood U.S. Grad Schools

    Wall Street Journal

    International Admissions Up in U.S. Grad Schools

    The Washington Post College Inc. Blog


    The release of CGS’ International Graduate Admissions Phase II survey, the second installment of the CGS International reports was covered by Inside Higher Ed, The Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post College-Inc. blog.


    Professional Science Masters Degrees Catching on with Students

    Science Careers

    “Quick Take”

    Inside Higher Ed


    The PSM Enrollment & Degrees survey results were covered in a Science Magazine blog post and an Inside Higher Ed "Quick Take.”


    Visa Applications Soar for Indian Students Who Want to Study in U.S.

    The Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/1/11

    The Chronicle of Higher Education reports visa application numbers from Indian students seeking degrees in the United States have risen sharply. The surge may be attributed to the tightening of immigration regulations in Australia and Britain. The article quotes Nathan Bell, CGS Director of Research and Policy Analysis.


    Graduate Students: Aspirations and anxieties

    Nature Magazine, 7/27/11

    A graduate student survey in Nature found, among other things, that graduate students were less satisfied with their degrees the closer they came to completion. The article quotes Debra Stewart, CGS President.


    The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s

    A Little Rusty?

    The Essential T.A.

    The New York Times, 7/24/11

    An Education Life section published in the New York Time focused on graduate education. In "The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s", writer Laura Pappano reports on the current growth in demand for a Master’s degree over an undergraduate degree and quotes CGS president Debra Stewart and Carol Lynch, senior scholar in residence and co-director of the PSM. Another article in the section focused on changes to the Graduate Record Exam (A Little Rusty?), quoting Nathan Bell, director of research and policy analysis. Additionally, “The Essential T.A.” covers the importance of teaching assistantships to graduate students. The article quotes Debra Stewart.


    Royal College Bargain

    Forbes, 7/20/11

    An article in Forbes reports on the comparative costs for American students choosing to study overseas. The article cites CGS data from the 2010 Phase III International Admissions Survey and highlights important considerations that may affect students’ choices about studying abroad.


    Master’s Programs Defy Easy Profiling

    The Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/29/11

    A commentary piece by CGS President Debra Stewart was printed in The Chronicle; it concerns the issues associated with accountability and assessment of learning outcomes at the graduate level.


    4 Questions 4 Debra Stewart, Council of Graduate Schools on Graduate Education in the U.S.

    ACAeNews, 5/13/11

    CGS President Debra Stewart was interviewed by ACAeNews which focused on the Commission on the Future of Graduate Education's Path Forward report.


    Graduates’ Job Prospects Improving but Not Great

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5/6/11

    An article looking at the job market for recent graduates quotes Debra Stewart, CGS president and cites CGS Enrollment & Degree data.


    U.S. Business Schools Get More Competition from Abroad

    The Wall Street Journal, 4/12/11

    More Grad Students Eyeing U.S.

    Inside Higher Ed, 4/12/11

    Graduate-School Applications From Foreign Students Continue to Rise

    The Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/12/11

    While the Asian tigers are growling the American education eagle is soaring on increased international demand

    The Australian, 4/13/11

    Applications for U.S. Graduate Programs Rise

    New York Times/International Herald Tribune, 4/25/11

    The CGS "International I" report which covers applications to U.S. graduate schools from prospective international students, was released and received coverage in several publications: The New York Times/International Herald Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Inside Higher Ed, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and The Australian.


    A Year After an Alarming Report, the Council of Graduate Schools Marks Progress

    The Chronicle of Higher Education

    “Quick Takes”

    Inside Higher Ed


    The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed noted the release of "Steps Taken on the Path Forward."


    Paying for Pell Grant Program Requires Stark Choices

    Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 4/1/11

    Diverse reports on the proposal in the Administration’s FY 12 budget that would shift funds to the Pell Grant program by eliminating the in-school interest subsidy for graduate student loans among other things. CGS President Debra Stewart is quoted.


    More Graduate Students Consider Study Abroad

    US News and World Report, 3/16/11

    Daniel Denecke, Program Director, Best Practices and Publications, was quoted in a US News and World Report article on the importance of study abroad opportunities for graduate students.


    PhD Overload (PDF)

    Genome Technology, 3/11/11

    An article in Genome Technology highlights the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree and quotes Carol Lynch, CGS Senior Scholar in Residence and Co-Director of PSM Initiatives.


    US:  Stretching Higher Education’s Limits

    University World News, 1/9/11

    University World News included comment from CGS President Debra Stewart and cited CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey data.


    How New COMPETES Science Law Broadens NSF Education Programs

    Science, 1/5/11

    CGS President Debra Stewart is quoted on the reauthorization of the America COMPETES Act.


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