2018 Press Coverage

    Winners and Losers in Work-Study Plan

    Inside Higher Ed, 2/14/2018

    House GOP proposal would end formula that favored private colleges in Northeast. But it would also mean cuts in funds to some public institutions with strong records educating low-income students and send more money to for-profit colleges.


    Study: International Students Avoiding U.S. Graduate Schools

    The American Prospect, 2/08/2018

    International students vote with their feet. For the first time in more than a decade, university admissions officials reported a decrease in the number of applications to graduate school programs from international students, according to a recent Council of Graduate Schools study. Researchers found that international graduate applications declined by 3 percent and first-time enrollments declined by 1 percent from the fall of 2016 to the fall of 2017.


    US: Int’l graduate applications & enrolments down

    The PIE News, 2/07/2018

    The CGS report found that for the first time since Fall 2003, application counts from prospective international graduate students declined by 3% while the first-time enrolment of international graduate students declined by 1%. The overall decline was focused primarily in master’s and certificate programs, with responding institutions reporting a 4.8% decrease in applications and a 2.8% decrease in first-time enrolment.


    A Year of Travel Bans

    Inside Higher Ed, 2/01/2018

    Visa data suggest decreases in the number of individuals from countries affected by the travel ban coming to the U.S. as students or for short-term business travel, a category that includes travel related to academic conferences.


    Is there a ‘Trump slump’ in international students coming to America?

    MarketWatch, 1/31/2018

    It appears the U.S. is becoming a less-attractive place to pursue graduate education, and that’s an alarming trend for schools that count on tuition dollars from foreign students. Between fall 2016 and 2017, the number of international students applying to graduate school in the U.S. declined 3%, according to survey data published Tuesday by the Council of Graduate Schools, a graduate school advocacy organization.


    Overseas postgraduate applications and enrolment decline in US

    Times Higher Education, 1/31/2018

    The number of prospective international students applying to and enrolling in US postgraduate programmes has declined for the first time in 13 years, figures show. Applications from prospective overseas graduate students declined by 3 per cent between autumn 2016 and autumn 2017, while first-time enrolment of international graduate students dropped by 1 per cent, according to a survey by the Council of Graduate Schools.


    More Evidence of a Drop in International Grad School Enrollment

    Inside Higher Ed, 1/30/2018

    The number of first-time international students enrolling in American graduate programs declined by 1 percent from fall 2016 to fall 2017, according to new survey results from the Council of Graduate Schools.


    International Grad Students’ Interest in American Higher Ed Marks First Decline in 14 Years

    The Chronicle, 1/30/2018

    For the first time in more than a decade, applications and enrollments by international graduate students at American colleges and universities declined in 2016-17, a new study has found. The study, conducted by the Council of Graduate Schools, suggests a continued softening of interest in American institutions among foreign grad students, an ebbing that was noted a year ago.


    GOP actions may make graduate school too costly for many

    CNBC, 1/25/2018

    Fewer people may pursue doctoral and master degree programs due to a one-two punch of Republican-introduced legislation and the new tax code, policy experts say.


    Biology Graduate Programs Educating Students for Life beyond Academia: Broadening horizons for young scientists

    BioScience, 1/10/2018

    A growing number of universities, students, and funding organizations are working to change biology graduate education to meet the needs of students on a wide array of career paths. But before this new education model can take hold, graduate programs first have to figure out which career-development strategies work and how to cultivate a culture that embraces the change.


    Lessons From the Tax Bill Fight

    Inside Higher Ed, 1/10/2018

    A furious campaign by graduate students to kill a GOP tax proposal could be a blueprint for upcoming legislative battles in Washington. In the weeks after Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives proposed to tax graduate student tuition waivers, many students were stunned by the potential for a big tax bill and unsure about how to respond.


    US universities to provide tools for post-PhD life

    Nature, 1/03/2018

    US graduate programmes are starting to formalize expectations for the skills and competencies that PhD students should have by the end of their studies, finds a report from the US Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) in Washington DC. In a 2016 survey of its 241 member institutions, the CGS found that 65% of those responding reported that all or most of their doctoral programmes had developed formal ways to assess whether students are learning specific skills that are relevant to the workplace.


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