54th CGS Annual Meeting


    2014 Annual Meeting Program


    Selected PowerPoint presentations from the 2014 CGS 54th Annual Meeting are below. Presentations are in chronological order by each category. Presentations are offered as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The file size is indicated after the name of each presenter.


    Pre-Meeting Workshop Presentations


    The Role of the Graduate School in Enhancing Student Financial Education
    Samuel Attoh (1.63 MB)
    Carol Shanklin (2.98 MB)


    Technology Solutions for Tracking Student Progress
    Nancy Marcus (3.3 MB)
    Mark J. T. Smith (2.13 MB)


    Assessment and Review of Graduate Programs - Doctoral
    Rebecca Aanerud (107 KB)
    Patrick Osmer (191 KB)


    Assessment and Review of Graduate Programs - Master's
    Robert Augustine (1.32 MB)
    Mimi Fenton (197 KB)


    Creating and Sustaining Successful Online Graduate Education Programs
    Patricia Campbell (706 KB)


    Addressing Challenging Graduate Student Situations
    Lee Bird and Sheryl Tucker (718 KB)


    Career and Professional Development: Connecting Student, Faculty and Institutional Needs and Outcomes
    Henry Campa and Judith Stoddart (2.53 MB)


    Fundraising as a Critical Instrument for Improving Graduate Education
    Katie Busch and Lisa Tedesco (1.35 MB)


    Up Close and Personal with Technology: VA Tech Case Study
    Janice Austin - Presentation 1 (870 KB) and Janice Austin - Presentation 2 (523 KB)
    Dannette Beane (363 KB)
    Karen DePauw (8.16 MB)


    Supporting Students' Writing and Degree Completion: Boot Camps, Write-Ins and Writing Retreats
    Jessica Horowitz (675 KB)
    Celia A. McIntosh (685 KB)


    Concurrent Sessions Presentations


    Building Assessment into Future Faculty Preparation Programs
    Karen Klomparens (1.20 MB)
    Barbara Knuth (1.42 MB)


    Critical Campus Partnerships for Graduate Leadership Curricula
    Jerome Kukor (786 KB)
    Dwight McBride (681 KB)


    Optimizing Resources at Master's Focused Institutions
    Beverly Hartline (221 KB)
    Jennifer Keane-Dawes (975 KB)


    Academic and Student Services for Master's Students
    Maria Green Cowles (201 KB)
    Nan Yancey (557 KB)
    Marjorie Zatz (471 KB)


    Advocacy Strategies: Graduate Education and the Public Good
    Robert Augustine (1.31 MB)
    Kim Barrett - Presentation (1.31 MB) and Kim Barrett - Handouts (101 KB)
    Mark Sheridan (1.0 MB)


    Assessing Campus Racial/Ethnic Climate
    Julie Coonrod (1.83 MB)


    Mentoring Faculty to be Good Graduate Advisors: A Comparative Perspective
    Janet Carton (1.19 MB)
    Lucy Johnston (548 KB)


    Strong Graduate Programs Make Strong Undergraduate Programs
    Kathleen Kitto and Jerry Weinberg (2 MB)


    Building Services for Graduate Students with University Partners
    Laura Carlson, Jessica Elfenbein and John Lubker (3.66 MB)


    Creative Approaches to Fostering Interdisciplinarity in Graduate Programming
    Peter Weber (696 KB)


    Coordination of Federal Investments in Graduate Education
    Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Walter Schaffer, and Valerie Wilson (674 KB)


    International Students and Master's Education
    Yaser Najjar (474 KB)
    Sanjiv Sarin (833 KB)


    Plenary Sessions Presentation


    New Frontiers in Enrollment Management
    David Attis (452 KB)
    Lisa Tedesco (1.02 MB)
    Jianping Zhu (347 KB)


    Sponsored Breakfast Presentation


    Presentation from ProQuest Breakfast
    Austin McLean and Marlene Coles (1.79 MB)


    Presentation from Educational Testing Service Breakfast
    David Payne and Michelle Hampton (1.82 MB)


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