Insights and Research on Graduate Education
Volume 1, Number 7Aug - Sept 2012
Keeping Your Perspective in Times of Change: The Graduate Dean’s Kaleidoscope


A key challenge for all leaders in organizations today is to anticipate the future while successfully creating and managing in the present. Managing this complex task is much like adjusting to the changing images of a kaleidoscope—what you see before you is likely to change from one instant to the next.

Sustainability in Professional Graduate Degree Programs: Lessons in Survival Strategies from the PSM


In the rapidly changing environment of higher education, graduate education often finds itself in highly complex and crisis-driven circumstances. Graduate programs, particularly at the master’s level, are growing rapidly due to student and employer interest. Efforts to sustain and expand these programs, however, are subject to appreciable challenges.

CGS New Deans Institute and Summer Workshop a Great Success!

The 2012 New Deans Institute and Summer Workshop in Boston proved to be another highly successful meeting. The 250 registrants attended three plenary sessions, four Dean Dialogues and twelve Hot Topic sessions covering topics ranging from: leading through negotiations, completion and attrition in graduate programs, outcomes assessment, and models of interdisciplinarity. The opening dinner and reception and several networking lunches provided attendees the opportunity for much discussion and interaction.

New Deans and Titles


Jeffrey P. Bakken is Dean of the Graduate School and Sponsored Research at Bradley University. He replaces Alberto Delgado.

Timothy Barbari is Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs at Boston University.