Insights and Research on Graduate Education
Volume 1, Number 10December 2012
Graduate Schools and Career Transparency: The Graduate Deans’ Perspective

The ground-breaking report, Pathways Through Graduate School and Into Careers,1 examined the pathways through graduate school into the world of professional occupations. The report provided high-level results based on input from three groups that directly observe and experience graduate career pathways: graduate deans, students, and employers.

CGS Welcomes New Staff

Leila Gonzales joined the Council of Graduate Schools in November 2012 as Manager of Surveys and Information Services.

New Members


Texas A&M—Central Texas

Data Sources: Preliminary Data Indicate Slight Increase in Domestic First-Time Graduate Enrollment

While the focus of the CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey is on the participation of international students in U.S. graduate schools, the 2012 Phase III survey asked respondents to provide preliminary data on the number of U.S. citizen and permanent resident first-time graduate students in fall 2011 and fall 2012.