Graduate research and scholarship have become truly global activities. This is why CGS invites graduate leaders from around the world to participate in meetings that address international issues in graduate education. These include the Strategic Leaders Global Summit on Graduate Education, convened annually in different locations around the world, along with meetings and workshops held in the United States.


    The Strategic Leaders Global Summit on Graduate Education

    Today, faculty and graduate students conduct research with global implications, collaborate with international networks of researchers, and produce knowledge that circulates worldwide. In this environment, graduate leaders are seeking to prepare their institutions for new opportunities and challenges. The Strategic Leaders Global Summit on Graduate Education supports these efforts by providing a forum for active discussion and collaboration. Each year, graduate leaders from a wide range of countries and regions contribute diverse perspectives on the summit topic while working together to develop best practices that further the shared goal of supporting graduate education and research.


    Global Summit 2016

    What is a Doctorate?

    November 15-17, 2016

    São Paulo, Brazil

    The past decade has witnessed a number of global trends affecting the definition and delivery of doctoral education. Seeking to standardize and clarify various degree types, several countries, regions and organizations have advanced degree outcomes frameworks that more clearly articulate the desired outcomes of doctoral degrees. Meanwhile, significant growth in the number and types of professional doctorates has led to new questions about the difference between PhDs and professional doctorates. Finally and perhaps most importantly, disciplinary societies, funding agencies, graduate institutions and students themselves have begun to put serious effort into understanding and diversifying the careers of PhD alumni. The 2016 Global Summit on Graduate Education will address the question, “What is a doctorate?” in light of these important developments. 


    Global Summit 2015

    Implications of "Big Data" for Graduate Education

    September 28-29, 2015


    The 2015 Summit explored the implications of big data for graduate education as well as the need to prepare the next generation of graduate students to navigate big data environments.


    Global Summit 2014

    Interdisciplinary Learning in Graduate Education and Research

    September 7-10, 2014

    Newfoundland, Canada

    The 2014 Summit explored opportunities and barriers to interdisciplinary education and research, which are key to solving global research problems.


    The complete list of Global Summit events is available at Global Summit Archive.


    For more information about CGS meetings on international issues, please contact Katherine Hazelrigg.


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