Publications for Students

    CGS has developed several publications designed to assist students in making decisions about continuing their education beyond the baccalaureate.




    Graduate School and You: A Guide for Prospective Graduate Students (2014)

    This publication acts as a resource for students by explaining about what graduate school is, preparation for graduate school, career options with a graduate degree, considerations in making the decision to pursue a graduate education, financing a graduate education, and choosing and applying to a graduate school.

    Graduate Study in the United States: A Guide for Prospective International Graduate Students (2007)

    This publication is designed to assist students for outside the United States by providing a clear and concise overview of the essential information and steps all international students need to take in order to study in the U.S.

    On the Right Track: A Manual for Research Mentors (2003)

    Discusses the individual and corporate responsibilities of graduate faculty in producing competent scholars capable of conducting independent, original, and ethically sound research. By Margaret F. King.

    Research Student and Supervisor (2009)

    This revised document provides guidelines for supervision at each stage of graduate study and highlights ways to make graduate students and supervisors more aware of their respective responsibilities in the Ph.D. process. Includes a checklist of good supervisory practice.



    Financing Graduate Education (Flyer) (Updated 2014)

    Written for prospective graduate students, this flyer describes common sources of financial support, includes general statistics on the types of financial support used by graduate students, and provides sources of financial aid information.

    Graduate Study in the United States (Flyer) (2011)

    This flyer provides practical advice for international students considering applying to graduate school in the United States. It includes basic information about academic and professional degree types, typical requirements, selecting a program, preparing for graduate study and applying, the admissions decision process, student visas, and funding options. It includes a graduate application checklist.

    Open Doors with a Doctorate (Flyer) (Updated 2013)

    This flyer focuses on the many advantages of receiving a doctoral degree from a U.S. institution.

    Why Should I Get A Master’s Degree? (Flyer) (Updated 2013)

    This flyer highlights the many reasons why individuals might pursue a master’s degree.



    CGS is the leading source of information, data analysis, and trends in graduate education. Our benchmarking data help member institutions to assess performance in key areas, make informed decisions, and develop plans that are suited to their goals.


    CGS Best Practice initiatives address common challenges in graduate education by supporting institutional innovations and sharing effective practices with the graduate community. Our programs have provided millions of dollars of support for improvement and innovation projects at member institutions.


    As the national advocate for graduate education, CGS serves as a resource for policymakers and others on issues concerning graduate education, research, and scholarship. Based in Washington, DC, the organization provides its members with regular updates and analyses of legislative and regulatory proposals and policies that affect graduate education.
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    CGS is an authority on global trends in graduate education and a leader in the international graduate community. Our resources and meetings on global issues help members internationalize their campuses, develop sustainable collaborations, and prepare their students for a global future.