Insights and Research on Graduate Education
Volume 6, Number 2April 2017

From Teacher to Graduate Dean: An Unexpected Journey


Karen P. DePauw, Ph.D., Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education, Virginia Tech

Stories—narratives—are powerful. They convey their message differently than academic essays and articles. What I share below is the story of my journey as a Graduate Dean and my reflections on that journey. It is a professional journey and at times personal. It has been a wonderful, enriching and of course sometimes challenging journey, and I hope sharing it will allow readers to find inspiration as they serve the graduate education community and aspire to make a difference.


What Is a Doctorate?


Perspectives from the 2016 Global Summit on Graduate Education
Katherine C. Hazelrigg, Communications Manager, Council of Graduate Schools

Over the last decade, a number of global trends affecting the definition and delivery of doctoral education have emerged. Seeking to standardize and clarify various degree types, many countries, regions, and organizations have advanced degree outcomes frameworks that more clearly articulate the desired outcomes of doctoral degrees. 


Data Sources: Highlights from the 2017 CGS Pressing Issues Survey


Hironao Okahana, Assistant Vice President, Research & Policy Analysis, Council of Graduate Schools

The CGS Pressing Issues Survey is an important vehicle for the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) to stay apprised of the key priorities for our member deans. This article provides insights into three key areas: graduate application trends, advocacy, and diversity.


Register Now! 2017 CGS Summer Workshop & New Deans Institute


Registration is open for the 2017 Summer Workshop & New Deans Institute. More information about registration, accommodations, and a preliminary program are available on the CGS website.

New Deans Institute: July 8, 2017

Summer Workshop: July 9-12, 2017

Location: Westin Denver Downtown


CGS New Members


Regular Members:

  • Adams State University (Colorado) – returning member
  • Kettering University (Michigan)

CGS New Deans and Titles

  • David Andrews is the President at National University.
  • David Butler is the Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies at Middle Tennessee State University.
  • Kelly Chaney is the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Marian University.
  • Mike Dishman is the Interim Dean, Graduate College at Kennesaw State University.
  • LaKeisha Harris is the Interim Dean, School of Graduate Studies at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore