CGS 59th Annual Meeting

    Final Program



    Meeting Dates and Location
    December 4-7, 2019
    Omni Nashville Hotel
    Nashville, TN



    With nearly 700 meeting registrants, this year's annual meeting was our most successful yet! Annual meeting participants explored varied and important issues in graduate education. Participants—graduate deans; associate and assistant deans; faculty and staff from colleges/universities; association, federal and state agency, and other education-related administrators; graduate students, and others interested in graduate education—enjoyed a unique forum where they met leaders in their field and exchanged ideas and information.


    Selected PowerPoint presentations from the 2019 CGS 59th Annual Meeting are below. Presentations are in chronological order by each category. Presentations are offered as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.



    Pre-Meeting Workshop Presentations


    Governance and Organization: Building Relationships and Synergies for Any Organizational Structure
    Lisa Krissoff Boehm, Karen Butler-Purry, and Scott Lanyon


    Recruitment Strategies for the Heartland
    James Ahern, Jeni Hart, and Ranjit Koodali


    Innovations in Master’s Education
    Bonnie Ferri, Robin Garrell, and Scott Herness


    Supporting Returning Students
    Alfredo Artiles, JoAnn Canales, Kellie Cude, and Latha Ramakrishnan


    Responding to Sexual Harassment and Bullying
    Suzanne Adair, Wendy Smith, and James Wimbush


    Review of Graduate Programs: Master’s and Doctoral
    Peter Harries, Joanne Romagni, and Robert Wojtowicz


    Monitoring and Managing Graduate Student Debt
    David Berkowitz, Carol Genetti, and Barbara Knuth


    Master’s Level Enrollment Management
    Andrea Golato, Ryan Hendrickson, and Maribeth Watwood


    Promoting Graduate Student Mental Health
    Emma Dench, Frances Leslie, and Mark Wallace


    Using Video to Tell the Stories of Graduate Education
    Kelly Burke, Karen Hanson and Mitch Watsky


    Recruiting and Supporting Undocumented Graduate Students: Creating Your Institutional Toolkit
    Miriam Feldblum, Sara Xayarath Hernandez, and Marjorie Zatz


    Plenary I


    Concurrent Sessions Presentations


    High Impact Practices for Online/Hybrid Master’s Programs
    Cheryl Addy, Terri Camesano, and Samantha Langley


    How Two Institutions Evaluated, Implemented and Launched a Centralized, Online Graduate Application — Sponsored by Liaison International
    Judy Chappealer, David Daleke, and Alycia Mosley-Austin


    Supporting Diversity in Graduate Education: Resources for a Global Context
    Karen Butler-Purry, Alexander Hasgall, Susan Porter, and Adham Ramadan


    Graduate Student Work/Life Balance
    Suzanne Barbour, Daniel Kleinman, and Tammi Vacha-Haase


    Plenary II


    Art with Impact: An Afternoon with Ann Patchett
    Ann Patchett


    Concurrent Sessions Presentations


    Building an Inclusive Climate and Interculturally-Competent Community
    Lisa Gloss and M.J.T. Smith


    Dealing with the Anti-Mentor
    Karen Colley and Sherri Irvin


    Implementing Best Practices in Master’s Admissions
    Lisa Armistead and Jerry Weinberg


    Plenary IIl


    Concurrent Sessions Presentations


    How to Increase Enrollment by Better Understanding Prospective Graduate Students — Sponsored by EAB
    Kevin Shriner and Maribeth Watwood


    Supporting PhD Transitions into the Workforce
    Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Elizabeth Dolan, and Phillip Trella


    Quality in Domestic Joint and Dual Master’s Degrees
    John Keller, Michael Keynes, and Victor Prybutok


    Working with Nature: Strengthen Your Institution’s Published Output and International Profile — Sponsored by Nature Research
    Andrea Aguilar


    Lightning Round Sessions Presentations


    Understanding and Leveraging International Master’s Student Funding — Sponsored by Prodigy Finance
    Molly Dineen and Ian Wright


    A Strategic Approach to Developing a Robust Online Program Portfolio — Sponsored by Wiley Education Services
    David Capranos


    Plenary IV


    Higher Education 2030: Building Student-Centered Learning Eco-Systems — LaPidus Lecture
    Paul LeBlanc


    Concurrent Sessions Presentations


    Innovative Competency Based Degrees
    Jeffrey Buck, Tony Farrell, and Joy Henrich


    CRM for Graduate Admissions: Your Key to Student and Faculty Success -- Sponsored by
    Kathryn Korgan and Olivia Nash



    Approaches to Teamwork Training
    Susan Cozzens, Wayne T. McCormack, and Linda Schaffner


    Supporting Graduate Students in Need
    Karen DePauwAnnette Kluck, and Robbie Melton



    Plenary V


    Increasing the Participation of Students of Color in Graduate Education: It’s About Faculty Mentorship
    Linda DeAngelo


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