CGS Releases International Graduate Admissions Survey

This week CGS released its annual International Graduate Admissions Survey for Fall 2021. Since 2004, CGS has conducted a multi-year empirical examination of international graduate application, admission, and enrollment trends. This analysis responds to member institutions’ concerns about continuing changes in the enrollment of students from abroad seeking master’s and doctoral degrees from U.S. colleges and universities.

Key findings from the 2022 report include:

  • International graduate applications increased for the third year in a row with international applications increasing by 12 percent from the year prior.
  • The number of first-time international graduate students increased by 92 percent, rebounding back to Fall 2018 levels.
  • First-time graduate enrollment is increasing across all fields of study.

“These findings are a strong sign that, despite changes brought on by the pandemic, the United States remains a destination of choice for international graduate students,” Suzanne T. Ortega, president of CGS said in a press release. “This is good news for U.S. universities and local communities, which benefit enormously from the contributions of master’s and doctoral degree students to research and learning environments.”