CGS Sends Letter to Congress on Graduate Student Mental Health and Well-being

On April 15, CGS President Suzanne Ortega sent a letter to Members of the 117th Congress  to encourage them to make the mental health and well-being of graduate students and their families a high priority when developing mental health legislation. CGS President Ortega says in the letter, “The nation’s graduate schools serve two important and distinctive roles in the mental health arena. First, graduate schools provide a refuge for graduate students and their families; a place where they can succeed academically and find the necessary resources and support to alleviate undue stress. Second, graduate schools educate and train the mental health professionals needed to provide health care services and support to the people in our communities.” Congress must make the education and training of mental health professionals a priority through the introduction and passage of relevant legislation.

To further our advocacy on graduate student mental health, CGS strongly encourages CGS members to share this important letter with your Congressional Delegations.