Insights and Research on Graduate Education
Volume 6, Number 3July 2017

The Death of the Doctorate and Other Stories


Charles Caramello, Dean-in-Residence, Council of Graduate Schools; Professor of English, University of Maryland

I.  It lives!

Literary critics have been predicting the death of the novel for well over two centuries, and yet, to repurpose Colin Clive’s iconic line from the great James Whale Frankenstein, “it lives!” Academic pundits, analogously, have been contemplating the death of the doctorate for well over three decades, offering numerous plans to ensure that it not only lives, but also thrives.


Inclusion Innovations to Improve the Graduate Education Climate


Barbara A. Knuth, Sara Xayarath Hernández, Colleen McLinn, Cornell University

Confronting -Isms and Phobias

Like other leaders in graduate education in the United States, we are concerned that implicit and explicit biases, racism, sexism, and other “-isms” and social “phobias” such as Islamophobia, are negatively affecting the ability of graduate students and scholars to thrive academically and personally.


Data Sources: Admission Yields of Prospective International Graduate Students: A First Look


Hironao Okahana, Assistant Vice President, Research & Policy Analysis, Council of Graduate Schools

With nearly one out of five U.S. master’s and doctoral students being international students, the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), graduate deans, and the graduate education community have high stakes in supporting the recruitment and success of international graduate students and scholars pursuing their studies in the United States.


“That’s My School!” Increasing the Reach and Impact of Your Graduate School’s Success Stories


Julia Kent, Assistant Vice President, Communications, Advancement and Best Practices, Council of Graduate Schools

Students and Alumni Help Us Tell (and Share) Our Stories

Earlier this year, my alma mater, Topeka High School in Topeka, Kansas, was featured in an in-depth New York Times series about students aspiring to college. When I shared the story with my social media networks— “That’s my school!” —it was quickly re-shared by old friends and former fellow students...


CGS Board Nominations Sought


Nominations are being accepted for election to the CGS Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving on the Board, or if you would like to nominate a colleague, please send a CV to the attention of:


CGS New Deans & Titles

  • Jennifer Bonds-Raacke, Dean, Graduate School, Fort Hays State University
  • Charles McAllister, Vice Provost and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Southeast Missouri State University
  • Laura Palmer Noone, Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer, Ashford University
  • Thomas Regan, S.J., Dean, Graduate School and Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Loyola University of Chicago
  • Emily Sallee, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs, Par

CGS New Members


Regular Members:

  • La Salle University (Pennsylvania) – returning member
  • Midwestern State University (Texas)

International Members:

  • Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands)