New CGS Deans & Titles

New CGS Deans & Titles

  • Michael Abazinge, Associate Provost and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research, Florida A&M University
  • Lisa Calvano, Dean of the Graduate School, West Chester University
  • Brian V. Carolan, Dean, School for Graduate Studies, SUNY Empire State College*
  • Mary Carrington, Interim Executive Director of Graduate Studies, Governors State University
  • Tim Crowley, Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Central Missouri
  • Suzanne Curtin, Vice Provost and Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Brock University*
  • Pero Dagbovie, Associate Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and Dean of the Graduate School, Michigan State University
  • Jerald Dumas, Interim Graduate College Dean, Hampton University
  • Hillary Fouts, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, Western Oregon University*
  • Sarah Gordon, Interim Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Arkansas Tech University
  • Patrick Hornbeck II, Advisor to the Provost for Strategic Planning, Fordham University
  • Jason Keller, Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Chapman University
  • Juliet Langman, Dean, Graduate College, Kennesaw State University
  • Rebecca L. Lubas, Interim Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, Central Washington University
  • Elizabeth Morgan, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Springfield College
  • Rodney Priestley, Dean of the Graduate School, Princeton University
  • Christine Raber, Interim Associate Provost, Shawnee State University*
  • Kerry Wilks, Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Vice President of International Affairs, Northern Illinois University


*Deans at new CGS member institutions


New CGS Members

Brock University (Regular)

Shawnee State University (Regular)

SUNY Empire State College (Regular)

Western Oregon University (Regular)