Professional Development Programs: An Online Compendium

    CGS has compiled an online searchable database of existing professional development programs for STEM graduate students that draws from survey results, web research, and feedback from institutions. The primary purpose of this database is to spotlight promising programs, enhance understanding of the skills and structure of these programs, and to provide an opportunity for graduate schools to connect to others as they seek to develop robust professional development programs for graduate students. While all are welcome to explore this database, the resource was designed especially to inform individuals in university leadership roles who are seeking to enhance professional development for STEM graduate students and postdocs at U.S. universities.


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    A – M

    Alabama A&M University
    Baylor University
    Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
    Boise State University
    Brown University
    Bryn Mawr College
    California State University, Fullerton
    California State University, Los Angeles
    California State University, San Bernardino
    Case Western Reserve University
    College of Charleston
    Colorado State University
    Cornell University
    Drexel University - College of Computing & Informatics
    Duke University
    Emory University
    Florida Atlantic University
    Florida State University
    George Mason University
    Grand Valley State University
    Hood College
    Illinois State University
    Iowa State University
    James Madison University - Biology
    Kansas State University
    McGill University
    McMaster University
    Medical College of Wisconsin, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
    Michigan State University
    Middle Tennessee State University
    Montclair State University

    N – T

    New Jersey Institute of Technology

    New York University
    North Carolina State University
    North Dakota State University
    Northwestern University
    Oakland University - School of Engineering and Computer Science
    Old Dominion University
    Oregon State University
    Penn State Harrisburg
    Pennsylvania State University
    Princeton University
    Purdue University
    Radford University
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Rutgers University
    Stanford University - Engineering
    Stony Brook University
    SUNY Upstate Medical University
    Temple University - College of Science and Technology
    Texas A&M University
    Texas State University
    Texas Tech University
    Texas Woman's University - Education Department
    The College of William and Mary 
    The Ohio State University
    The University of Alabama
    The University of Arizona
    The University of Georgia
    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

    The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    The University of Southern Mississippi


    U – Z

    University of Alabama at Birmingham
    University of Alberta
    University of British Columbia
    University at Buffalo, SUNY
    University of Calgary
    University of California, Davis
    University of California, Irvine
    University of California, Los Angeles 
    University of California, Merced
    University of California, San Diego
    University of California, San Francisco
    University of California, Santa Barbara
    University of Central Florida
    University of Cincinnati 
    University of Colorado Boulder 
    University of Connecticut  
    University of Florida
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    University of Iowa
    University of Maryland Baltimore County
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    University of Massachusetts, Boston - College of Science and Mathematics
    University of Minnesota - College of Science and Engineering
    University of Mississippi - Department of Writing and Rhetoric
    University of Missouri, Columbia
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    University of New Hampshire
    University of North Florida
    University of Northern Colorado
    University of Northern Iowa
    University of Notre Dame
    University of Pittsburgh - Chemistry
    University of South Alabama
    University of Southern California
    University of Toronto
    University of Toronto - Biochemistry
    University of Utah
    University of West Florida
    University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    Washington State University
    Wayne State University
    West Virginia University
    Western Michigan University
    Yale University




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