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Recruiting International Students in a New Era

Inside Higher Ed and ETS have issued a new report titled “Recruiting International Students in a New Era”. The articles in the report explore the challenges facing colleges in recruiting talent abroad. In addition, colleges have started again to encourage their American students to study abroad. Srikant Gopal, executive director of the TOEFL Program at ETS, stated in the report “The education sector is keenly aware of the continuing implications of what has been experienced since early 2020, especially the notion that change is the only constant. And with change, comes the inevitable question of tradeoffs and choices — some that are quite challenging. How can institutions meet enrollment goals but also identify the right students? How can short-term financial goals be met without compromising institutional reputation that has taken decades to build? How can institutions offer students the same level of choice (e.g., in coursework format, admissions requirements) while preserving the quality of those choices?”