Advisory Committee on Advocacy and Public Policy charter

Committee members

Mark Sheridan (2022) – Chair
Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs and Dean, Graduate School
Texas Tech University

Brian Kloeppel (2022)
Dean, Graduate School and Research
Western Carolina University

Michelle Penn-Marshall (2022)
Vice President for Research, Associate Provost, and Dean, Graduate College
Hampton University

Brandy Randall (2022)
Dean, Graduate School
Oakland University

Phil Trella (2022)
Associate Vice Provost and Director, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs
University of Virginia

Laura Carlson (2023)
Vice President and Associate Provost, Dean of the Graduate School
University of Notre Dame

Michael Crowder (2023)
Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
Miami University

Clay Gloster (2023)
Vice Provost of Graduate Research and Dean of the Graduate College
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Chris Nelson (2023)
Association Dean, School of Graduate Studies
University of North Dakota

Melissa Sturge-Apple (2023)
Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Education
University of Rochester


Staff contact:

Amy Scott