The CGS Dean’s Discussion Board provides an electronic forum where graduate deans and senior staff exchange questions, ideas, and institutional practices. Common topics include financial aid, admissions, joint and dual degree programs, and administrative policies.

Requesting Access

If you are a CGS member graduate dean or other senior staff in the graduate school at a member institution who would like to subscribe, please submit your subscription request to Please include your name, title, institution, and email address.

The Dean’s Discussion Board is owned and maintained by CGS. Content is reviewed to assure that messages are appropriate. Discussions may be moderated and comments that do not adhere to the forum rules in the pinned post may be removed.


Institutional members: Graduate deans and other senior staff at CGS member institutions may request access to the discussion board using the instructions above.

Non-institutional members: Corresponding Affiliates and Sustaining Members may request read-only access to the discussion board. Collaborator and Visionary level members may request that comments be posted on their behalf by contacting Adrienne Vincent.



For help with gaining access to or using the Dean’s Discussion Board, contact us at Please do not post user help requests to the discussion board as other users may not be able to assist you.