About the Roundtable

Graduate education in the United States plays a critical role in the success of the U.S. workforce and economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that occupations requiring at least a master’s degree for entry will grow at a much faster rate than occupations that call for less education. To ensure graduate schools continue to respond to rapidly changing workforce demands, strong connections between graduate schools and employers are more important than ever.

To strengthen these connections, CGS has formed a small group of senior leaders representing employers of graduate degree holders in various fields and organizations serving higher education. The Employer Roundtable advises the CGS President on workforce issues and is the leading voice on graduate student workforce preparedness.

CGS Employer Roundtable Members

Chair, CGS Employer Roundtable
Stanley S. Litow
Accenture Professor of the Practice
Duke University & Trustee, State University of New York
Image of Suzanne Ortega
Suzanne T. Ortega
Council of Graduate Schools
Image of Lisa Amini
Lisa Amini
IBM Research Cambridge
Charles R. Craig
Sr. Vice President - Science & Technology Director - Administration & Operations
Corning Incorporated
Ken Eisner
Education and Workforce
Aimee Kennedy
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Sean Woodroffe
Chief People, Culture and Communications Officer
Lincoln Financial Group
Richard Kurin
Distinguished Scholar and Ambassador-at-Large
Smithsonian Institution
Jose Lima
Vice President, Quality for the Restorative Therapies Group (RTG)
Marvelie Tribie
Human Resources Director
Springer Nature Group
Mark Turner
Optimal Solutions Group LLC & Co-Founder, Revelo Software LLC
Christopher Valentino
Chief Strategy Officer
Rohit Sharma
Senior Vice President & General Manager of Global Workskills
Angela D’Agostino
Vice President Research Funding and Assessment