To help CGS members and other website users navigate our website, we have prepared the following list of FAQs:


Who is allowed access to the members-only portions of the website?

Any individual listed in an institution’s active membership record will be able to login to the members-only portions of the website. If you are the primary contact listed in CGS’s record of member institutions and would like to request that additional staff members be added, please contact Janice Goggins.


How do I login to the members-only sections?

Below are instructions for logging in to the website for the first time:

  • Click Login, located on the upper right-hand corner of every screen.
  • In the Username field, type the email address you have provided to CGS.
  • Enter your password. For password help, click the ‘Request new password’ tab and enter your email address. A link and instructions will be sent to your email address momentarily.


Having login problems? Contact Janice Goggins.


When is login required for individuals associated with member institutions?

Login is required to access members-only content and benefits on the CGS website. Once logged in, you may:


How do I access the Dean’s Discussion Board in the CGS Forum?

The Dean’s Discussion Board is an online forum for graduate deans and senior staff of CGS member institutions. This forum is a go-to resource for the graduate community to exchange questions, ideas, and institutional practices.


All primary contacts and other high-level institutional administrators at a member institution may request access to the Dean’s Discussion Board by providing their name, email address, institution, and job title. Individuals authorized to access the board will be granted access within one week of submitting a request. Sustaining Members and Corresponding Affiliates may request read-only access by emailing Julia Kent.


Login is required to access the discussion board. The same login credentials (e.g. email address and password) used to access the members-only content on the CGS website will be needed.


Is login required for individuals not associated with member institutions?

Individuals not associated with a CGS member institution will be asked to create a login for Online Store purchases. Please note that individuals logging in as non-members will only have access to non-member rates for CGS publications.


How do I access electronic publications in the Member Library?

The Member Library provides access to all CGS publications online at no additional cost. This service is available to institutional members (US, Canada, and International) and sustaining members. Any administrator, faculty, or staff member of a CGS member institution may access our publications in PDF format. You must login with your CGS username and password to access electronic publications in the Member Library. If you do not have a CGS username and password, please contact Janice Goggins.