Minority Attrition and Completion in STEM Doctoral Programs

There is a general underrepresentation of minority students—particularly African American, American Indian, and Hispanic students—in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields at the graduate level. The problem of underrepresentation in doctoral education and the academic workforce is exacerbated by the fact that attrition rates from doctoral programs tend to be very high. The project, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF grant #1138814, “Completion and Attrition in AGEP and non-AGEP institutions”), will examine patterns of completion and attrition among underrepresented minorities in STEM doctoral programs across 21 institutions.

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Master's Completion Project

  • Master’s education is the fastest growing and largest part of the graduate education enterprise in the United States, yet we lack key information regarding master’s completion and attrition rates and factors contributing to student success. To begin to address that gap, CGS launched a project in November 2010 to study Completion and Attrition in STEM Master’s Programs. Learn More

Ph.D. Completion Project

  • The Ph.D. Completion Project was a seven-year, grant-funded project that addressed the issues surrounding Ph.D. completion and attrition. CGS, with generous support from Pfizer Inc. and the Ford Foundation, provided funding in two phases to 29 major U.S. and Canadian research universities to create intervention strategies and pilot projects and to evaluate the impact of these projects on doctoral completion rates and attrition patterns. Learn More