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The National Name Exchange was established to help match graduate schools with students from underrepresented groups interested in graduate education. The National Name Exchange seeks to:

  • Increase the number of qualified students from underrepresented groups accepted into graduate school;
  • Improve student access to information on graduate school opportunities.
  • Work towards personalizing the recruitment effort by designating a National Name Exchange institutional representative to facilitate information exchange between the institution and prospective students.
  • Assist graduate schools in identifying qualified candidates for consideration for graduate study.


How Students Benefit

Pursuing a graduate degree is often not a consideration for many underrepresented students—particularly those who may be first generation college students. By providing students easy access to information on the many graduate opportunities available to them, the NNE hopes that students will see graduate study as a viable goal. Here’s what participants are saying:

“Participating in the National Name Exchange has really been valuable to me. It’s been an eye opening experience. It really feels good when top institutions contact you to let you know about their graduate programs. This has taught me not to limit myself when applying to graduate school and to aim for nothing less than the stars.”  — Student Participant, University of Maryland

“I am hearing from schools that I’m not sure I would have pursued otherwise, such as Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley.”  — Student Participant, University of Florida

Who Can Participate

Students who have a cumulative GPA over 3.0 may enroll in NNE if they are from at least one of the following underrepresented groups:

  • First generation college student
  • A veteran of the US military
  • Born or raised in a rural area
  • From a racial or ethnic minority
  • A woman in certain STEM fields
  • Are from a low-income background

Student nomination to participate in NNE is coordinated by staff on college campuses. If you would like to know who your NNE coordinator is, please email

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