Using these Resources

The resources listed below are intended to help support reflection, dialogue, and action by graduate education leaders, faculty, staff, and students interested in social justice in graduate education programs and institutions.  Many of the resources focus on anti-Black racism while others focus on or include Asian-American, Indigenous, Latinx, or Pacific Islander communities.

Graduate educators may find these resources useful for providing background information to inform their work on social justice issues in graduate education, or for sharing directly with members in their communities.  Many of these resources may be useful to read, watch, or listen to in facilitated groups, with prompts developed locally to stimulate questions and discussion appropriate to the local campus context.  Some resources may be particularly helpful in identifying potential actions and motivating a commitment to programmatic or institutional change.

This list was compiled in 2021 by Barbara A. Knuth, former graduate dean at Cornell University, in her year of service as virtual-dean-in-residence with the Council of Graduate Schools.

General Resources

Establishing Contexts for Social Justice and Anti-Racism

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Holistic Graduate Admissions

Recruiting Diverse Students to Improve Programs and Support Missions

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Culturally Aware Mentoring

Valuing Different Student Experiences in the Mentoring Relationship

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Discipline-Based Examples

Discipline-Specific Challenges and Solutions in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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