Since 2004, the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) has conducted a multi-year empirical examination of international graduate application, admission, and enrollment trends.

This analysis responds to member institutions’ concerns about continuing changes in the enrollment of students from abroad seeking master’s and doctoral degrees from U.S. colleges and universities.

New: Key Findings from the 2023 Report

According to survey data between Fall 2021 and Fall 2022, the total number of international graduate applications received by U.S. degree-granting institutions participating in the survey increased by 26 percent. Other top findings include:

  • The overall representation of sending countries is shifting. U.S. universities have witnessed a surge in applications and enrollments from India and countries in Sub-Saharan
    Africa since Fall 2020. Meanwhile, graduate applications have decreased two years in a row from Chinese nationals.
  • Enrollments in master’s programs continue to grow as a share of total international enrollments in U.S. graduate programs. Shifts in country representation are related to this
    growth: according to CGS’s survey population, more than 8 out of 10 (85%) Indian students studying in U.S. graduate programs are master’s students.
  • As the pandemic wanes, there is a decrease in remote-only delivery of programs. Between Fall 2020 and Fall 2022, first-time enrollment for remote only courses for master’s
    and certificate programs decreased from 5,183 to 2,457. At the same time, enrollments for master’s and certificate programs that deliver a mixture of in-person, hybrid, and remote courses increased.
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