2021 Forums

What can the Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering (GSS) tell us about interdisciplinary research?

December 13, 2021

Interdisciplinary research is increasingly seen as pivotal for scientific advancement and solving today’s complex global problems.  This presentation discussed how the data reported to the National Science Foundation can help shed light on the growth and prevalence of interdisciplinary training and research within graduate education.

  • Mike Yamaner, National Science Foundation
  • Caren Arbeit, RTI International
  • Peter Einaudi, RTI International

Highlights from the 2020 CGS/GRE Survey of Graduate Enrollment & Degrees

September 28, 2021

A preview of the 2020 Graduate Enrollment & Degree survey results, which was released to the public on October 14, 2021, was presented, including the latest trends in applications for admission to graduate school, first-time and total graduate student enrollment, and graduate degrees and certificates conferred.

  • Enyu Zhou, Council of Graduate Schools
  • Janet Gao, Council of Graduate Schools

First-generation Graduate Students

July 28, 2021

A panel of experts discussed first-generation graduate students and unique challenges that they might face in pathways into and thru graduate education experience, both at master’s and doctoral level.

  • Rashné Jehangir, University of Minnesota
  • Radomir Ray Mitic, Council of Graduate Schools
  • Christopher B. Newman, Azusa Pacific University