3 Ways Graduate School Pays Off

By Cole Claybourn | U.S. news and World Report

An advanced degree can be a smart fiscal and career move, experts say.

Graduate school requires a significant investment of both time and money. While there are affordable options at brick-and-mortar institutions and through online programs, some two-year, full-time graduate programs can cost more than $100,000. Doctoral and professional programs can cost even more and require more years of study.


But experts say an advanced degree provides a return on that investment both professionally and personally. A graduate degree can open the door to higher-paying jobs or a faster track to management and executive roles. It can also provide valuable opportunities for professional networking and personal growth.


“Deciding whether to pursue a graduate degree really is partly an educational and an intellectual interest decision, but it’s a big financial decision, and people really should not take that lightly,” says Suzanne Ortega, president of the Council of Graduate Schools, a national advocacy group focused on the advancement of graduate education and research. “They should be good consumers and they should ask questions of the program they’re considering.”

3 Ways Graduate School Pays Off

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