About the Member Library

CGS prepares publications on issues of fundamental importance to graduate education. These reports and policy statements are made available to CGS members and non-members.

Online Access

Digital versions of all CGS publications are available through the member library at no cost to members.* Any student, faculty or staff member of a CGS member institution may access our publications in PDF format** (login required). Take advantage of this benefit by viewing, downloading, printing, or sharing PDFs of your favorite titles with other individuals at your member institution.


Hardcopies of CGS publications are available for purchase using our Online Store. Members receive discounted pricing, including bulk discounts on most publications. CGS publications are shipped via UPS; please provide a physical street address when placing your order. For international shipping (e.g. outside of US and Canada), please contact the CGS office to request pricing options.


Note: The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) has implemented a credit card usage convenience fee effective as of January 1, 2020 in the amount of 4% of the transaction price when paying obligations to the Council. Although this fee is designed to defray the increasing costs of accepting credit cards for payments of dues, meeting registrations, sponsorships, publications and other items, our desire is not to charge the fee at all, but to change member and non-member behavior to employ different payment methods such as ACH, Wire transfer and good old fashioned checks when they conduct business with CGS. CGS does not intend to record revenue from this change, but instead, be able to re-deploy the member dues funds previously used for credit card acceptance towards additional graduate education programming needs. The Council thanks you for your ongoing support for the enterprise of graduate education.


Contact Us


For questions about CGS publications, please contact us at publications@cgs.nche.edu.


* This service is provided for institutional members (US, Canada and International) and sustaining members.


** Copyright restrictions apply. See Terms of Use, Electronic Publications. Please do not distribute copies outside of your member institution.