What Do Big Tech Layoffs Mean for STEM Programs?

By Kate Marijolovic | The Chronicle of Higher Education

One of the hottest fields for recent college graduates has recently cooled off, as layoffs have hit the technology sector.

On Tuesday, Zoom announced it will be eliminating 15 percent of its staff. Spotify, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all made cuts in their work forces in the past month. In November, the Facebook parent company Meta announced it would be cutting 13 percent of its workers. Amazon and Google are also expected to hire fewer interns in 2023 than in past years.

It is being called the largest wave of tech layoffs since the dot-com crash in the early 2000s, and it’s creating headaches for colleges’ career-counseling offices and soon-to-be-graduates who flocked to majors that once promised plentiful jobs.

What Do Big Tech Layoffs Mean for STEM Programs?

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