Small Business Partner Benefits

Annual Dues: $1,000 – $4,000
(tiered, depending on employee count*)

The Small Business Partner membership, which is available to companies and organizations with 50 or fewer employees, is designed to allow small, entrepreneurial companies to engage more regularly with CGS members by making partnership opportunities more affordable.

*Tiered, depending on employee count

  • 1-15 Employees = $1,000 annual dues
  • 16-34 Employees = $2,500 annual dues
  • 34-50 Employees = $4,000 annual dues

CGS Annual Meeting

  • Reduced rates on sponsorships
  • Reduced rates on exhibitor registration
  • Option to add one complimentary exhibit-hall only registration pass to your CGS Annual Meeting exhibitor registration, in addition to the two full registrations that are included with exhibiting (available only to sustaining members)
  • Option for members to select exhibit table location (exhibitor registration required)
  • Pre-registration list of Annual Meeting attedees in Excel format (exhibitor registration required)
  • Reduced rates on individual meeting registrations
  • Priority consideration for all Annual Meeting opportunities
  • Opportunities to propose “in-conjunction-with” events at the CGS Annual Meeting
  • Recognition in the meeting mobile app
  • Opportunity to sponsor awards

CGS Summer Workshop & New Deans Institute

  • Opportunity to attend the CGS Summer Workshop and New Deans Institute – corporate attendance is limited to members of the CGS Sustaining Membership Network and invited speakers and sponsors (registration required)

CGS Webinars

  • Reduced rates on sponsored CGS webinars
  • Priority scheduling consideration
  • Detailed attendee report list

Access to graduate deans

  • Opportunity to provide CGS-approved sponsored content for News Network, CGS’s bi-weekly e-newsletter (once per calendar year)
  • Invitations to CGS research forums and other select events
  • Reduced rates for ads in GradEdge and job listings on the CGS Career Portal
  • Ability to request to view the CGS Dean’s Discussion List

Publications and information on the latest news, trends and best practices in graduate education

  • Access to current and past issues of GradEdge, the only national newsletter dedicated to graduate education
  • Full complimentary access to publications in the CGS Online Member Library, including the online membership directory
  • Reduced rates for hard copies of CGS publications
  • Automatic subscription to biweekly CGS News Network newsletters

Access to CGS staff expertise

  • Opportunities to collaborate on research and best practice projects
  • Tailored membership opportunities based on individual organizations’ needs