Master's Degrees at Work: Communicating the Value of Master's Education

By Kelley Karnes

Jared Cucinotta is getting a master’s degree in school psychology so he can be there for students who struggle like he did when he was in school.

Marcus Lombardo is also getting his master’s in school psychology because it allows him to fuse his passions of working with kids and using data to improve their educational outcomes.

Jennifer Davis just completed a Master of Public Health along with her MD because she wants to address individual and community health needs in the rural community she grew up in.

These are just a few of the stories from students and alumni who are pursuing or already received their master’s education so they could follow their passions, but more importantly, improve the lives of those around them.

Today marks the launch of CGS’s Master’s Degrees at Work campaign designed to communicate the idea that master’s degrees benefit all Americans, not just the degree holder, along with the communities they live and work in.

Every day our lives are impacted by those with master’s degrees, from teachers to cyber security experts, that drive innovations and have lasting impacts in our communities. That’s why our campaign focuses on five key areas: Public K-12 education, manufacturing, biomedical and healthcare, cybersecurity, and museums and culture.

Through targeted media pitches, strategic opinion pieces, and social media posting, our campaign aims to increase positive communications and advocacy on the value of master’s education among key audiences over the next year.

We hope you will join us in advocating for the value of master’s education for state and national workforce needs. Head to our webpage dedicated below for student stories, our campaign toolkit, and resources and facts about master’s degrees. You can also submit student, alumni or employer impact stories that support the importance of master’s education.