The Project for Scholarly Integrity

Project Overview

The Project for Scholarly Integrity sought to advance the scope and quality of graduate education in the ethical and responsible conduct of research. Supported by the Office of Research Integrity (ORI), CGS made awards to seven institutions participating in five projects, each of which developed and assessed educational models that promote responsible scholarly conduct.

The objectives of this CGS initiative were to:

  • Expand the cadre of graduate deans who will serve as leaders in fostering a climate of research integrity in graduate education
  • Generate information about what works best in promoting a comprehensive institutional approach to RCR education
  • Document the results of the funded projects online and in a best practice monograph series
  • Promote community-wide activity building on this initiative through publications, frequent meetings, the CGS scholarly integrity Website, and interactive media.


Results from the Project for Scholarly Integrity

Research and Scholarly Integrity in Graduate Education: A Comprehensive Approach presents a wide range of innovative strategies including the use of assessment to enhance and build support for high quality, relevant research integrity programs. The book includes participant case studies, useful tools, and analysis of baseline survey results on activities, resources, and institutional climate for research integrity.