Faculty/ PI Workshop: How NSF’s New Mentoring Requirements Can Improve Your Research Agenda

June 18
2:00-3:30pm ET

In this 90-minute virtual workshop, participants will learn about NSF’s new graduate student mentoring requirements for grants submitted on or after May 22, 2024. NSF leaders will begin the event with information about the new requirements, which apply to any grant that provides support to graduate students. Next, disciplinary society leaders and faculty with distinguished records as researchers and mentors will provide strategies and examples for improving both mentoring and research outcomes.

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The workshop is the second in a series designed to prepare institutions and researchers for the new requirement. Participants are invited to view the recording of the first webinar, held in April, where NSF leadership and graduate deans and senior research administrators discussed the new requirements as well as university communications to faculty researchers about the change. The second webinar, focused specifically on faculty and other researchers on NSF grants, will provide more detailed information about the requirement and resources for mentoring graduate students. Participants will also receive an FAQ document that provides answers to questions raised in the first workshop and a curated list of resources on mentoring. The workshop is free of charge.