Institutional Requirements

Each institution participating in the National Name Exchange must demonstrate that it will be able to carry out the following functions which are required by CGS:

  1. Identify undergraduate students at your institution that meet CGS guidelines and are interested in graduate education.
  2. Send an email to students with the enrollment information (website URL, application deadline, etc.) inviting them to join. A sample email can be acquired from CGS.
  3. Identify a primary point of contact (also called an NNE coordinator) at your institution to field student questions and answer CGS queries.
  4. Once students from your institution have enrolled, your NNE coordinator will receive an email from CGS ( with the login information for the institutional portal that houses the student lists.
  5. At the close of each cycle as decided by CGS, institutions will destroy or delete all student lists and cease to contact those students about graduate school opportunities.
  6. Institutions must enroll students each cycle to receive access to the student lists.

Application and Nomination to Participate in the Name Exchange

NNE is now managed by the Council of Graduate Schools. All CGS institutional members are eligible to participate. To participate, you must be a member of CGS in good standing. You also must submit students to NNE in order to receive names from the exchange.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the typical timeline for participation in the NNE?

In March, the Council of Graduate Schools announces that a new Name Exchange cycle has begun, and provides member institutions information regarding collecting student information and submission deadlines. From March-June, student data is collected and entered into the Name Exchange database.
In late summer, the NNE recruitment cycle ceases, and CGS finalizes the Name Exchange database and invites institutions to download the student lists to distribute student information to their graduate programs.

When and where is the annual meeting held?

The annual meeting is held virtually after the CGS Summer Workshop. Usually, this meeting will occur in August or September depending on NNE coordinator availability.

Is there a member fee?

No. Membership in the NNE is a member benefit conferred on CGS members.

Is there a limit to the number of departments at our institution who may use the Name Exchange data?

No. Your membership covers as many graduate departments/schools as you wish to share it with, however, we recommend that the NNE coordinator on your campus keep track of how lists are distributed in order to maintain the security of student data.

Who do I contact to inquire about participation?

You may contact Mathew Linton at the Council of Graduate Schools to inquire about NNE participation at