Analysis of PhD Career Pathways data identified networking as a skill highly valued by PhD alumni. Yet the percentage of students who received preparation in this area was much lower than might be expected. This gap in preparation was also underlined by participants in the NextGen Humanities PhD project funded by NEH.

In light of this need, applicants were invited to develop projects designed to help current humanities doctoral students build professional networks and relationships.


Participating Institutions

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Increasing government and non-profit exposure
This project introduces a 5-week writing course with alumni speakers and provides informational sessions offered to all Grad Center humanists.
Monica Varsanyi, Project Director, Interim Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences
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Enhancing student internship and fellowship opportunities
With a focus on existing programming, this project incorporates a three-tiered approach of Humanities-specific and broader campus initiatives.
David Daleke, Project Director, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Health Sciences and Interim Dean of the IU Bloomington University Graduate School
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Student recruitment for careers beyond the academy
Pilot program building on current efforts across three graduate programs and two colleges.
Julie Rojewski, Project Director, Director of Graduate Career Development
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The Humanities Cluster
Engaging faculty and administrators to initiate career exploration via workshops, professionals-in-residence programs, and internships.
Dr. Fuhui Tong, Project Director, Interim Associate Provost and Dean of the Texas A&M University Graduate and Professional School
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A focus on access, participation, and diverse outreach
This project offers free and flexible graduate assistant hiring and training; diverse cohort-based learning communities; and a faculty learning community.
Andrew Carnie, Project Director, Vice Provost, Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate College
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Allied PhD
Expanding on the paid summer internship program and the annual alumni networking series for non-academic careers for doctoral students.
Nick Vamivakas, Project Director, Dean of Graduate Education in Arts, Sciences and Engineering (ASE)
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New Paths Initiative
Reinforcing the existing Humanities Clinic activities, this project emphasizes a workshop series, annual networking events, and pilot internship program.
Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School