The CUNY Graduate Center created The Professional Community and Communications Project (PCCP) to provide students with a combination of practical writing skill and professional contacts in hopes of opening doors to alternative career pathways.

The Center has developed a course in “Writing for Government and NonProfits” that features a series of guest speakers (including Graduate Center alumni). Additionally, a series of informational sessions with government and non-profit employers will be offered that would be open to all humanists at The Graduate Center. These connections will help expand participants’ professional communities. 


Project Team: 

Monica Varsanyi, Project Director, Interim Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences at the Graduate Center
David Hershinow, Co-Project Director, Director of the Writing Center
Jenny Furlong, Project Contact, Director, Office of                                                                                           Career Planning and Professional Development at The                                                                                 Graduate Center