As part of the CGS Humanities Coalition, IU is introducing new programming to enhance graduate student internship and fellowship opportunities across campus, as well as to refocus existing programming to better support humanities graduate students seeking diverse career pathways. To achieve this, we are implementing a threetiered approach of Humanitiesspecific and broader campus initiatives to encourage and support networking and professional relationship building, allowing our students to explore a variety of careers

These include 
1) a new, required Individual Development Plan (IDP) graduate student cohort comprised of the incoming Fall 2021 first year English and History graduate students, 
2) the launch of a new Alumni Mentor Network facilitated through an NSFfunded and IU facultydeveloped networking platform, Net.Create, and 
3) the expansion of professional development opportunities, including broadening our Future Faculty Teaching Fellowship Program (FFTF), the creation of a new FFTFlike internship program for nonacademic positionsand new Preparing Future Professionals conference (PFPc) specifically for students seeking nonacademic careers after completing their degrees.



Project Team:

David Daleke, Project Director, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Health Sciences and Interim Dean of the IU Bloomington University Graduate School