CGS will directly support two components of this program: (1) a paid summer internship program (InternPhD), and (2) a nonacademic career alumni networking series for doctoral students in English, History, Philosophy, Musicology, Music Theory, and Visual and Cultural Studies. These initiatives will complement existing offerings on teaching in diverse institutions, and form the basis of an integrated career pathway program: Allied PhD.

Paired with coursework on career preparation and professionalization, the InternPhD program provides students with valuable experience and skill development in nonprofit highered administration, grantwriting, and policy analysis. CGS support will allow the expansion of this program to involve community organizations as well as internal administrative units of the University. 

Through these initiatives, and existing work on teaching in diverse institutions, the Allied PhD program is designed to prepare our humanities doctoral students for fulfilling, sustainable careers.


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Project Team:

Nick Vamivakas, Dean of Graduate Education in Arts, Sciences and Engineering (ASE), Project Director
Melissa Sturge-Apple, University Dean of Graduate Education, Co-Project Director
Kris Lantzky-Eaton, Project Contact, Assistant Dean of Education and Postdoctoral Affairs
Jon Herrington, Project Contact, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy