The activities of the NEW PATHS initiative will support the development of professional networking skills to support students’ graduate careers and beyond. This initiative expanded the existing Wayne State University Humanities Clinic, with three innovations:

(1) NEW PATHS created a “wrap around” series of workshops and networking events designed to support and reinforce the active experiences provided in the clinic was created.
(2) an annual networking luncheon for students, alumni, and community partners of the clinic was hosted; and
(3)., a pilot
internship program in the Humanities Clinic for students early in their doctoral careers was launchedThis program will also be assessed to determine its value to student participants.


The Humanities Clinic is an innovative internship program that enhances graduate teaching in the humanities and humanistic social sciences at Wayne State University by hiring graduate students to work as paid, semester-long interns with Detroit non-profits and small businesses. The mission of the Humanities Clinic is to bring humanities and social science expertise to communities throughout Detroit and  to prepare Ph.D. students for meaningful and diverse careers while supporting local businesses and non-profits.

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Project Team:

Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School
Sharon Lean, Co-Project Director, Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science
Elizabeth Faue, Project Contact, Professor, Chair of the Department of History, Executive Director, Humanities Clinic
Caroline Maun, Project Contact, Associate Professor, Chair of the English Department
Jeff Pruchnic
, Project Contact, Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Graduate School
Lillian Wilson, Project Contact, Managing Director, Humanities Clinic


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