Whether they continue in academia or pursue careers in other sectors of the workforce, PhD alumni in the humanities often require skills of entrepreneurship, grant-writing, and the cultivation of funders to support research, scholarship, and programs. Responsibilities may involve writing compelling grant proposals as well as understanding the broad range of potential funders and their expectations. Yet grant-writing was identified as an area where many PhD alumni had not received formal preparation, based on data from the PhD Career Pathways.
To remedy this gap, applicants were invited to develop projects that provide current humanities doctoral students with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively secure resources for the work they will undertake in their future careers.

Participating Institutions

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Understanding the full spectrum of the funding process
Incorporating a for-credit course & workshop series, this program is offered to humanities and humanities-adjacent disciplines.
Dana A. Williams, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School
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Three-part professional development workshop
This pilot project is geared toward academic and professional grant-writing and fundraising.
Emily Barman, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School, Vice Provost of Graduate Education
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Humanities Grant Writing Initiative
A humanities-centered grant writing course, certificate program, and service-learning course accessible to three partnering departments.
Linda Mason, Project Director, Associate Dean of the Graduate School Administration
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Grant-Writing and Resource Development
This program not only offers monetary incentives for workshops and bootcamps, but also a digital badge.
Karen Coats, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School
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Hands-on Opportunities
Focusing on transferable skills for different job markets, fellows will learn three key areas for securing resources.
Stephen Crites, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School
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Grant–Writing & Research Development Summer Institute
Holistic approach where students can deepen and broaden knowledge of grant-writing.
Gillian Hayes, Project Director, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate Division
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Humanities Speaker Series and Professional Development Certificate
This project comprises a series of activities dedicated to professionally developing graduate students.
Jeni Hart, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
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Humanities Grant Writing Camp
Four-day camp providing a comprehensive path for understanding humanities-focused writing, research, and funding proposals.
William J. Karpus, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School