LUC is developing a comprehensive, three-part pilot program that provides Humanities PhD students with the skills, knowledge, networks, and experiential opportunities necessary for effective grant-writing and fundraising in research and beyond. At the conclusion of this project, the Graduate School will provide funding to institutionalize the continued provision of this program on an annual basis with the precise length, delivery format, and audience of the program offering dependent on its success metrics.

The Graduate School’s broader goal is to create parallel comprehensive professional development programs for other research skills and knowledge that can be applied to effectively pursue careers outside academia (examples include teaching outside of higher education and the use of methods expertise in positions outside academia). 


Project Team: 

Emily Barman, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School, Vice Provost of Graduate Education
Heather Sevener, Project Contact, Assistant Dean, Student Services, The Graduate School


The Graduate School’s Grant Writing and Fundraising Summer Externships for Humanities PhD Students and Nonprofit Grant Writing Workshop featuring Chrissy Swanson