Purdue University is establishing the Humanities Grant Writing Initiative through strategic planning with the Departments of English, History, and Languages & Cultures.

Year one of the initiative will include the teaching of a humanitiescentric grant writing class for graduate students in the three partnering departments. Doctoral students are encouraged to participate in community design participation groups, which will formulate a grant-writing certificate program to be implemented in year two. A servicelearning course will also pair participants with local nonprofits for students to write communitybased grants. In year three, they will modify the humanities grant-writing class and service-learning course with feedback from students from years one and two


Project Team: 

Linda Mason, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School
Melanie Morgan, Co-Project Director, Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Lisa Nielsen, Project Contact, Director of the Postdoctoral Office, Grant Writer


The Graduate School’s Summer grant writing course leads to funding for local nonprofit, valuable career lessons for PhD student