UTEP’s Humanities Coalition project is designed to provide doctoral students in Borderlands History and Rhetoric and Composition with the skills and knowledge to secure resources effectively in their future careers. This project places grant and resource seeking in a framework of career diversity and contributes to building a broader understanding of career options at the institutional and program levels. 

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Fellows of the program are encouraged to acquire/deepen their skills in three areas:
(1) identifying funding, (2) writing a compe
titive grant/fellowship proposal, and (3) transferring proposal development skills to diverse careers.
the end of each Project cycle, student participants will have completed at least one funding application that can be submitted during or after their time as Fellows.

Project Team:

Stephen Crites, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School
Lucia Dura, Co-Project Director, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Associate Professor and Program Director of Rhetoric and Writing Studies
Shannon Connelly, Project Contact, Assistant Dean of the Graduate School