The University of Wisconsin(UW)Madison Graduate School leads an annual Humanities Grant Writing Camp (HGWC) that helps leverage our humanities research community, expertise in writing workshops, and wide range of doctoral programs. This program trains humanities PhD students in proposal planning, budgeting and writing for funders both within and beyond academia. 

This four-day camp (May 15-18, 2023) provides participants with a structured introduction to the nuts-and-bolts of writing funding proposals to support a wide range of humanities work, from research travel and dissertation writing to public humanities projects. By identifying specific funding opportunities and learning how to tailor proposals, HGWC participants are prepared to conceptualize appropriate proposals in the course of their summer research.


Learn more at UW-Madison’s The Writing Center


Project Team: 

William J. Karpus, Project Director, Dean of the Graduate School
Florence Hsia, Co-Project Director, Associate Dean in the Graduate School
Alissa Ewer, Project Contact, Assistant Dean, Professional Development and Communication
Steven Nadler, Project Contact, Director of the Institute for the Research in the Humanities; William H. Hay II Professor of Philosophy
Russ Castronov, Project Contact, Jean Wall Bennett Professor of English and American Studies
Nancy Linh Karls, Project Contact, Director of the Writing Center