Graduate research and scholarship have become truly global activities, which benefit from diverse perspectives. Faculty and graduate students conduct research with global implications, collaborate with international networks of researchers, and produce knowledge that circulates worldwide.

Convened annually in different locations around the world, the Global Summit is an invitation-only event that promotes active discussion and collaboration for graduate leaders seeking to prepare their institutions for new opportunities and challenges.

Each year, the Summit focuses on a specific theme that is timely and relevant to graduate education and research in a global context.

Past topics include:

  • Cultural Contexts of Health and Well-being in Graduate Education
  • Supporting Diversity in Graduate Education
  • Graduate Education 2030: Imagining the Future
  • What is a Doctorate?
  • Implications of “Big Data” for Graduate Education
2023 Global Summit: Australia
2023 Global Summit
2022 Global Summit: Egypt
2022 CGS Global Summit
2019 Global Summit: United Kingdom
2019 CGS Global Summit
2018 Global Summit: South Africa
2018 CGS Global Summit