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The summit produced a documenting outlining principles and action steps to produce good mentoring relationships.

Mentors and supervisors play pivotal roles in the preparation, development, and experiences of graduate students. While supervisors oversee professional knowledge and skill development, mentors often provide support in both the personal and professional growth of graduate students. Ensuring graduate students are prepared to be innovative problem solvers and direct objective, original, and ethically-sound research are at the core of good mentorship and supervision. Often, however, these roles are not adequately acknowledged, supported, or rewarded. In addition, mentoring and supervision changed drastically during the global pandemic, moving almost exclusively to a virtual setting.

The 2022 Global Summit on Graduate Education attendees considered the ways in which graduate education leaders across the world guide and reward these crucial roles that are fundamental to both intellectual and creative productivity.

The 2023 Global Summit will be held in Melbourne, Australia.

Topics included:

  • Global, Regional, and National Models of Mentoring and Supervision
  • Developing Guidelines and Expectations for Supervisors and Mentors
  • Role of Graduate Students in the Supervisor/Mentor Relationship
  • Mentoring and Supervision in a Diverse Community
  • Mental Health and Well-being and the Supervisor/Mentor Relationship
  • Scholarly Output – Authorship, Form, and Access