The CGS Annual Meeting was held December 1-4, 2021 in New Orleans. The 300+ attendees enjoyed a safe, productive, engaging, and thought provoking event. Annual meeting participants explored a variety of important issues in graduate education with topics ranging from mentoring to articulating the value of formal degrees to reinventing graduate STEM education.


Selected PowerPoint presentations from the 2021 CGS 61st Annual Meeting are below. Presentations are in chronological order by each category. Presentations are offered as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.



Pre-Meeting Workshop Presentations


Mentoring To Support Diverse Students and Careers

William Karpus, Ambika Mathur, and Paula McClain


Improving Marketing and Recruitment Strategies For Master’s Programs
Brian Carolan, Andrea Golato, and Ranjit Koodali


Data and Evidence Inspired Approaches Toward Graduate Student Well-being
Karen Butler-Purry, Elizabeth Klonoff, and Robin Yates


ProQuest Breakfast


Big Questions, Big Data and ProQuest Dissertations And Theses
Jason Owen-Smith and Gilia Smith


IELTS USA Breakfast


The Challenges of International Teaching Assistants and How to Support Their Transition into the Classroom
Kayla Landers, Marianne Menius, and Misty Wilson


Concurrent Sessions Presentations


More Than The Sum of Their Parts?: Articulating The Value of Formal Degrees
Bonnie Ferri, Clay Gloster, and Douglas Woods


Creating a Graduate Enrollment Ecosystem: Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining Your Best-Fit Applicants – Sponsored by Liaison International
Jillian Baer, David Daleke, and Algerian Hart


Mentoring Master’s Students
Reginald Ellis, Jennifer Roberts, and Jerry Weinberg


Integrating Networking Skills Into Humanities Phd Programs
Amanda Bryant Friedrich, Robin Garrell, and Thomas Jeitschko


Bridging The Gap: Deferrals, Leaves, and Skipped Cohorts
Scott Adler, Susan Ettner, and Mary Jo Finney


STEAM and The Future of Interdisciplinary Research: Engine of Innovation or a Bunch of Hot Air?
James Antony, Natasha Croom, and Elizabeth Wentz


An Outcome-Based Proposal for the Future of the Phd: We’re All In This Together

NAGS organized session

Gina Beltrán and Bradley Nelson


Building A New Future for Virtual Academic Support and Professional Development for Graduate Students: Investigating A Consortium Model
E. Alana James, Scott Lanyon, Sarah Larsen, and Joseph Oppong


Reinventing Graduate STEM Education
Karen S. Coats, Peter J. Harries, Nirmala Kannankutty, and Kim LaScola Needy


Seeing the Future We Used to See Here: Compassion and Commitment to International Students
Angela Pool-Funai, M.J.T. Smith, and Melissa Sturge-Apple


Understanding Challenges and Impacts of Caregiving: Supporting Students at a Time of Transition
Susan Carvalho, Preselfannie McDaniels, and Michael Solomon


Are My Professional Graduate Programs Financially Sustainable? A DIY Guide for Deans MAGS organized session
Ricky Hull and Jennifer Ziegler


Understanding The Graduate Student Mindset: Insights From a New Survey of 2,000+ Prospective Graduate Students – Sponsored by EAB
Will Lamb and Ashley Walker Colquitt


Lightning Round Sessions


Student-Centered Language Assessment: Lowering Barriers and Increasing Opportunities – Sponsored by Duolingo English Test
State of the Education Market: Trends and Insights in Key Master’s Disciplines – Sponsored by Wiley Education Services


Final Program