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    Dear CGS colleagues,
    I’m forwarding the below message on behalf of the NGI Enrichers Program: Transatlantic Fellowship. Please kindly share this (and the attached MOU template) with the relevant faculty and offices at your institutions. Thanks 

    Dear […],

    We would be highly pleased to win your support as a host for this very innovative knowledge empowering EU/US/Canada fellowship program of  the NGI Enrichers initiative funded by the European Commission, starting  Sept 1st. This is a Next Generation Internet transatlantic fellowships program, providing travel & allowance funding for up to 90 researchers or innovators from Europe (this include EU, Ukraine, Turkey, Balkan countries, Morocco…), from PhD students to senior people, from start-ups or universities, to go on 3-6 month visits to the US or Canada to work jointly with the host universities or private firms on research or innovation projects/topics.
    The first call will be launched in 2022. Hosts can join straight away in the 1st call – or later in the 2nd and 3rd call (e.g., in 2023).
    Topics of interest are , for example: 5/6G – AI – Big Data – Blockchain – Cloud and Edge Computing – Cybersecurity- IoT – Quantum Computing and Algorithms -Virtual Realities …and various application domains.
    There are 3 options:
    (1) – European candidate already knows the host person from the US/Canada, who welcomes this specific person;
    (2) the US/Canada university has a specific topic to work on and calls for European colleague(s) to be hosted,
    (3) European candidate proposes a topic and is looking for US/Canada university or private firm, to host him/her.
    A draft MoU is attached.
    The extended funding breakdown is below. More info here.
    Would it be of interest for you / your organization to become a host? If so, please let us know!
    Many thanks in advance!
    Financial support for each third party (Fellowship grant)
    Monthly lump sum 3,800 EUR
    Travel & visa costs reimbursement: up to 3,000 EUR
    Insurance costs reimbursed
    Funding ceiling per person 3 month-trip: 14,400 EUR
    6-month trip: 25,800 EUR

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