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    I’m interested in the variety of funding models available to you. In particular I’m interested in the following:

    1. Total graduate student enrollment, PhD (and MS if available)
    2. Is your Graduate School based in a medical school or is it affiliated with an undergraduate college?
    3. Sources of graduate school funding and proportion. These may be mixed, but the proportions may be important. General categories would be tuition-based, endowment, or indirect cost return.
    4. How long do you support graduate students from centralized support funds?
    5. Do you support a Postdoc office of training and education?
    6. Any other comments you think may be helpful.

    For us, the answers are (2022):
    1) 502 total (284 MS, 218 PhD)
    2) We’re medical School based
    3) Revenues are from tuition, based from PhD and MS programs. No process for indirect return or other sources.
    4) We cover first year stipends, and “bridge” support for faculty who might lose funding.
    5) Yes.
    6) If you’d like to respond confidentially, please email me and I’ll share the results that I compile.

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