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    What mechanisms do you have to allow undergraduate students to take graduate level courses? All of our mechanisms require an application process which is of course affected by application deadlines. Our Spring deadline passed so now today I can’t allow an undergraduate to take a graduate level course because we can’t open an application for one student. I would love to learn more about what processes you are using to allow strong undergraduate students to take graduate courses prior to finishing their undergraduate degree.


    At Rowan, we have a program called senior privilege (read more here: ).

    It enables undergrads to take two courses (6 credits) of graduate courses and to convert those credits into their graduate transcript if they should matriculation to Rowan University Graduate Programs.


    Thank you! This is the type of program I was envisioning in my mind when I asked the question. Very helpful, thank you!


    Here is what we offer at the University of the District of Columbia:
    Students who are within nine (9) semester credit hours of
    completing the final requirements for the bachelor’s degree
    and are in good academic standing at UDC may enroll in a
    maximum of two graduate courses (not to exceed 6 semester
    Prior to enrolling, students must secure written authorization
    from the chairperson of the student’s major department, the
    department chairperson of the graduate program offering the
    course the student wishes to take, and the dean of the
    College/School in which the course is taught. If such courses
    are to later apply to a graduate degree program, graduate fees
    will be assessed on these courses


      We allow undergrads to take grad level classes by permission of the instructor. The classes can be counted toward the undergrad degree (as electives, for example). Undergrads can use what we call, senior rule, to take graduate level classes that can be counted toward the graduate degree. The catch is that those credits cannot be counted toward the undergrad degree. In other words, they can take the class and pay the undergrad tuition for it, but perhaps count it toward a graduate credential, either at Tech, or by transferring it to another university. Senior rule is typically capped at 6 credits.

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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