2010 CGS/NSF Workshop: The Role and Status of the Master's Degree in STEM-Workshop Agenda
    May 18, 2010

    The Role and Status of the Master's Degree in STEM

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010
    National Science Foundation
    Arlington, Virginia
    Room 375




    8:30 am Welcome and Introductory Remarks

    Debra Stewart, President, Council of Graduate Schools (CGS)

    Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Acting Assistant Director, Directorate for Education and Human Resources, National Science Foundation (NSF)

    8:45 am

    Keynote Address: "The Demand for STEM and Graduate Education through 2018"
    Anthony Carnevale, Director, Center on Education and the Workforce, Georgetown University

    9:30 am

    Panel #1 – The Role and Status of the Master's Degree in STEM


    Moderator: Nathan Bell, Director, Research and Policy Analysis, CGS

    Eleanor Babco, Consultant and Associate Program Director, Professional Master's Initiatives, CGS

    Sheila Edwards Lange, Vice President for Minority Affairs and Vice Provost for Diversity, University of Washington

    William Wiener, Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Marquette University


    10:40 am

    Small Group Discussions


    11:00 am



    11:15 am

    Panel #2 - Master's Completion and Attrition

    Moderator: Robert Sowell, Vice President, Programs and Operations, CGS

    Moheb Ghali, Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Dean, Western Washington University
    Brenda Brouwer, Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada

    Mark J.T. Smith, Dean, Graduate School, Purdue University


    12:30 pm


    1:30 pm

    Panel #3 - PSM/Science Master's Update

    Moderator: Alexander Nicholas, AAAS Fellow, Division of Graduate Education, NSF

    Myles Boylan, Program Director, Division of Undergraduate Education and Division of Graduate Education, NSF

    Carol Lynch, Senior Scholar in Residence and Program Director, Professional Master's Initiatives, CGS


    2:00 pm 

    Small Group Discissions

    2:20 pm

    Panel #4 - Career Outcomes for STEM Master's Degree Recipients

    Moderator: Sally Francis, Dean in Residence, CGS and Dean of the Graduate School, Oregon State University

    B. Lindsay Lowell, Director of Policy Studies, Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University

    Wayne Stevenson, Director, Science Education Programs, Oak Ridge Associated Universities
    Lilian Wu, Program Executive, IBM Global University Programs


    3:45 pm   

    Closing Remarks

    Debra W. Stewart, President, CGS

    Carol Stoel, Program Director, Division of Graduate Education, NSF



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