Postgraduate education worldwide is globalizing. International students and international experiences are vital parts of the postgraduate intellectual landscape. The next generation of researchers will be confronted by myriad global problems that require a transnational perspective to solve. Still, challenges remain in supporting international students, providing international experiences for postgraduate students, and promoting international research collaborations. Internationalization has been further complicated by pandemic-era travel restrictions and resurgent nationalism in many nations. Balancing the sometimes competing priorities of local, national, and international constituencies remains vexing.

The 2023 Global Summit on Graduate Education attendees will consider the ways in which graduate education leaders across the world think about internationalization and how internationalization is central to solving global grand challenges.

Topics may include:

  • Global, regional, and national models of internationalization
  • International recruitment and supporting international students
  • Creating international experiences for postgraduate students
  • Supporting international research collaborations
  • Leveraging international expertise to solve global grand challenges
  • Balancing university commitments to local, national, and global constituencies